Expression Of Our Thanks

What I learned from my father (Lori Martin nee Tripp):

  • My Dad had four ‘F’ words that were important to him; Family, Friends, Food and Fun
    • He had more fun and made more friends hunting for food in the local grocery stores
    • He was always ready for a laugh even if it was at his own expense
  • Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!”, Winston Churchill
    • Winston said it but Dad lived it everyday
    • One of the few books that I saw my Dad read was “The Power of Positive Thinking.” By Norman Vincent Peale. Numerous times Dad told me how much he believed in this philosophy of life.
    • Everyday he chose to be happy – some days this was easier than others as my Mom will bear witness – but even when the call came that a nursing home bed was available, he wasn’t initially happy about the prospect but I literally heard a switch click as her said if this is how it has to be let’s make the best of it.
  • The most meaningful song throughout his life was “Happy Birthday”.
    • At Dad’s 65th Birthday Party, that he requested and financed, this was the song that reduced him to tears…why Happy Birthday? Dad said that whenever you hear it you are surrounded by the people in your life that you love and care for. Those around the table change over the years but when you hear the song it brings back so many memories of people no longer at the table.
  • Celebrate everything!
    • Dad loved a good get together. He loved to connect with people. He especially loved to laugh.
    • I learned that everyday we are here is a day to be celebrated and more importantly ~ shared. We have so much to be grateful for.
  • Dad made it so easy to love him. Through all of the good times and bad he was a constant source of support, praise, love and comfort. He always took the time to “put in his two cents” when asked for, or not, to share his opinion.


We are so fortunate to have so many people to thank: 

  • The Radus; who truly are our rescue heroes. Thank you for dropping everything to run and help Mom and Dad when they needed it, you are great friends.
  • The Gwilts; for their enduing support and friendship
  • To Marguerite for dropping everything and coming to our side.
  • For Derek for being the best son-in-law my Dad could ever ask for. As Dad used to say his ‘favourite’ son-in-law and the best husband I could ever dream of.
  • Andrea and Marcia; the caring individuals from Durham Access to Care for their help making Mom’s life easier and Dad’s quality of life better.
  • For Aunti Edna for her daily calls that always gave Dad a good laugh and the last beer you shared.
  • To the Emergency Staff at Lakeridge Health Oshawa for making and unbearable experience bearable with their compassion and understanding.
  • For our neighbours; the Modlin Road past and present members and the Christie Crescent Crew and the Old Forest Road friends– you know who you are and how much we appreciate you help and support.
  • Thanks also to Mom for always doing her best in trying to take care of Dad and all of us. Your dedication to Dad far exceeded the vows you took on May 8, 1954. It was indeed for better or worse, for sickness and in health, till death do you part. You both are wonderful role models of how to stay married and be devoted to your family.
  • Thanks to Barry. I can’t imagine a more devoted son, father, uncle and brother that he embodies. Barry and I share many fond memories of wonderful childhoods that I am forever grateful for. He is a rock in times of trouble and thoroughly and actively supports us in whatever we do.
  • Thanks also to everyone who shared their thoughts on this website. You have no idea the comfort that your thoughts have brought to us as we try to adjust to our new reality. Dad will never be forgotten. He lives in all of our thoughts, actions and memories. His familiar and endearing traits live on in his children and grandchildren. We miss him everyday 

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